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Welcome to The Lawn Room…
From where we live and work in Cheadle Hulme, The Lawn Room provides a professional, independent lawn treatment service helping customers create beautifully thick and healthy green lawns in and around Stockport and North East Cheshire. We get great results, and customers appreciate our hard work and honest, down to earth advice.  They know that, whatever the shape, size or type of lawn, we help them get the best from their lawns within their available budget.  Of course, all of our professional lawn care services are competitively priced and better value than any national lawn care franchise.


As an independent we’re not restricted to a ‘one size fits all’ franchise method or product, and select the best technically advanced, professional lawn treatments specific to the needs of your lawn resulting in thicker, greener and healthier growth.


The Lawn Room offers a plan of seasonal lawn treatments to rid your lawn of poor lawn growth, weeds, moss, thatch and disease.  We prefer using organic based products where possible and choose from a wide range of professional quality fertilisers, lawn treatments and soil conditioners to improve your lawn and help keep it in great condition all year round.


Taking the guesswork and frustration out of your lawn-care we give our expert help and advice on difficult lawn problems and work with you or your gardener to improve and sustain your lawn throughout the year.


With prices from £15 per treatment all of our services are competitively priced.  Our aeration and scarification services are better value than any national lawn care franchise.  Value isn’t just about the price though and if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. 

Some of our lawns and customers’ kind comments…

real customers, real comments

Lawn Treatment
“Excellent professional service.  I changed to the Lawn Room from a franchise. I needed advice and knowledge on how to look after my lawns and this is exactly what I now get.” J Walley


Lawn Treatment
“Many thanks.  The lawn has never looked better and I cannot believe the transformation in one season.” D Kelly

Cheadle Hulme

Lawn Treatment
“Brilliant professional worker.  I have used Jonathan for about 3 years and my lawn has been magnificent since he took over.  He is very knowledgeable and eager to maintain what has become a superb lawn.” T Tye


Lawn Treatment
“Jonathan has been looking after my lawn for several years now and has done a consistently good job. Always a pleasure to deal with and he knows his stuff. Highly recommended.” M Lacey


Problem lawn to perfect lawn

This lawn in Mobberley had been neglected for some time.  There was a significant layer of moss as well as surface and sub-surface thatch and other lawn problems.   The existing grasses were sparse and patch repairs using different types of grasses gave an uneven appearance.  We were able to put together a program of lawn treatments, aeration and scarification as well as over-seeding with an appropriate mix of professional quality grasses and top-dressing to rejuvenate this lawn.  The pictures you see were taken 6 weeks apart.

Problem lawn to perfect lawn.

This lawn in Cheadle Hulme was damaged by fungal disease, infested with difficult weeds including Woodrush and the soil acidity was high.  There was also a significant amount of upper root-zone thatch with heavily compacted soil inhibiting root development.  We put in place a full program of organic lawn treatments and soil conditioners, professional weed control, scarification and deep aeration over a period of time to recover this lawn.  The resilience of grass and its ability to bounce back can still sometimes surprise.

Problem lawn to perfect lawn

Problem lawn to perfect lawn

Scarification - Cruel to be kind

Our lawn improvement services

If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well

Seasonal Lawn Treatments

Professional products, expertly applied

We take the guesswork and frustration out of your lawn-care by applying high quality professional fertilisers, and other specialist lawn treatments, at regular intervals to improve and sustain your lawn throughout the year. 


Let your lawn breathe

Metal tines punch holes into the surface of the lawn to relieve compaction.  This strengthens the grass by allowing the roots to develop and helping vital air, water and nutrients to work their way through to the root zone.


You have to be cruel to be kind

Rotating vertical steel blades vigorously remove the thatch and moss stifling your lawn.  This rigorous process using professional machinery clears the way for your lawn to breathe – allowing the flow of air, water and nutrients through to the soil. 


Bringing a lawn to life

A sparse, tired and moss ridden lawn, that’s seen better days, can be transformed within a relatively short time.  Giving your lawn a fresh start in this way is often more cost effective and practical than returfing.

A little about me and what I do

It’s really great bringing a struggling lawn to life

Lawn Treatments

Hello, I’m Jonathan…

Since setting up on my own in 2010 I have been providing a professional lawn treatment service from Cheadle Hulme that’s dedicated to my customers and getting the best from their lawns.

Many of my customers have been with me from the beginning and you can see some of their kind comments on this page.

With my knowledge and experience of turf management, and by treating lawns all year round at regular intervals using professional products, I’m able to get much better results.

The price of each treatment is fixed, so my customers know what they’ll be paying each time I visit and, with no contract, they just pay as they go.

There’s something really satisfying about helping my customers create beautiful lawns to be proud of.

The Lawn Room

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The Lawn Room

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Some more of our customers’ kind comments…

“Our lawns are looking better than they have done for years, and we would thoroughly recommend Jonathan.” D and J Monk

Hazel Grove

“The lawns look exceptionally good these days.” G Wilson


“Please just book us in for whatever you think we should have…We are delighted with everything you do.” J Whittaker

Cheadle Hulme

“We are delighted by your efforts so far and trust you to do whatever you think appropriate.” D Tweedle


We can't wait to show you the difference we can make to your lawn!