Scarification –

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind

Vertically rotating steel blades cut through and remove the thatch and moss stifling your lawn. This rigorous procedure can churn up a surprising amount of debris allowing your lawn to breathe more readily and become thicker, healthier and greener as a result. 

Scarification should generally be carried out in spring or early autumn when the grass is actively growing and the ground is moist; not too wet or too dry. If carried out at other times the lawn will struggle to recover and you run the risk of damaging the lawn and making it vulnerable to stress and disease.


Aeration –

Breathe new life into your lawn

Aeration is an integral part of any lawn improvement program as it promotes stronger and deeper root development and, therefore, healthier green grass. Stronger root systems mean stronger grass plants with improved resistance to, and recovery from, extended dry spells and certain lawn diseases. 


Perhaps the most well known, hollow-core aeration (above) is only one option and often over used on domestic lawns.  Cores should be removed to prevent lawn damage.  Other options include Solid and Chisel tines.

Aeration can really help your lawn thrive throughout the growing season.  Metal tines penetrate the lawn relieving compaction and allowing vital air, water and nutrients to permeate the root zone.

Over-seeding and Top-dressing – When fertilising just isn’t enough

A sparse or tired lawn, over-seeded with professional quality grasses and rejuvenated with a balanced top-dressing can become lush and green within a short time.  Grass varieties are tested to ensure rapid establishment and a deep green colour with outstanding visual appearance and stress tolerance.  Top-dressings improve soil composition and filtration as well as helping to create a more even surface.  Restoring a lawn is generally more cost effective, and more practical, than returfing.

Since Jonathan has been treating my lawns the transformation is amazing.

A Makin

Bramhall , (August, 2011)

“No hesitation in recommending Jonathan if you want someone who really knows what he’s doing, clearly enjoys his job and does it well.”

D Crawford

Knutsford , (June, 2014)

After only 4 weeks the transformation of our lawn is already amazing.

K Taylor

Gatley, (July, 2013)

Thanks for a wonderful job in resurrecting the lawns. I’ve had lots of favourable comments from friends and neighbours about the great improvements you’ve made.”

H Chant

Offerton, (May, 2013)